SelenioFlex™ File

File-to-File Transcoding

SelenioFlex™ File


File-to-File Transcoding


SelenioFlex file-to-file media processing solutions seamlessly blend transcoding and workflow capabilities, supporting a comprehensive range of formats with superior quality for applications from post production and archive to multiscreen distribution. Built on the Imagine Communications Zenium™ workflow manager — an agile software engine that enables customizable foundational architectures — SelenioFlex File delivers a dynamic system management environment, allowing ready access to a catalog of features, functionalities and licenses that are required at run-time. This decision-based media processing workflow facilitates intelligent automation and exceptional scalability, and is easily managed from a single, intuitive and consistent interface.

As broadcasters and media companies look to streamline operations and maximize their resources and content assets across a variety of platforms, the distributed processing flexibility inherent in a SelenioFlex solution is a definite advantage. Offering cloud-like reconfiguration capabilities within a system, or across geographically disparate facilities, SelenioFlex File, powered by Zenium, allows resources to be grouped, scheduled and managed virtually for optimal efficiency and control. For the ultimate in future-proofing, an investment in SelenioFlex file-based software solutions ensures adaptability to changing workflow requirements, license updates and technology advances.




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  • Software-only product that can be installed on standard server/blade systems (optional host systems available)
  • Network distributed file-based transcoding and transmuxing, supporting various file formats on input, including QuickTime ProRes, MXF, LXF, GXF, TS, and more
  • Support for various SD, HD and 4K/UHD output file formats including HEVC, H.264, HLS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), MPEG DASH, UltraViolet CFF, MXF, GXF, MPEG-2 Transport Streams, MPEG-2 Program Streams, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS Audio, WAVE, PCM, AAC, and more
  • Support for various media manipulation functionalities (e.g., scaling, deinterlacing, video mixing/overlays, graphic overlays, metadata manipulation, subtitle overlays)
  • Can be installed as a stand-alone, workstation software application


Beyond Transcoding

SelenioFlex File media transformation software and its underlying Zenium workflow platform go beyond standard transcoding processes, offering tremendous new levels of efficiency, agility, scalability, manageability and workflow design flexibility.

Here are examples of the many things you can do:

  • Reduce your watch folders: Are you managing multiple watch folders to handle different combinations of input characteristics – UHD, HD and SD frame sizes, varying aspect ratios, etc.? Zenium’s automated decision-making detects source properties and metadata to adapt your workflow accordingly, minimizing the number of watch folders you need. (This logic branching can also be combined with scripting to make decisions based on external data sources.) Fewer watch folders means easier management and less chance of mistakes.
  • Repackage without recompressing: With Zenium-based engines, you can repackage (rewrap or transmux) media between many container formats without recompressing the video or audio. Migrating archived media assets from a legacy server format to a modern container (e.g., LXF to MXF)? Segmenting and packaging Transport Stream files into HLS outputs for adaptive streaming? Remapping audio channels or updating metadata? Repackaging without re-encoding preserves quality and maximizes efficiency.
  • “CALM” your audio levels: Even beyond regulatory requirements in various countries, ensuring consistent perceived audio levels provides a more enjoyable experience for your audience, increasing their engagement. Loudness correction options from companies such as Dolby are available for Zenium-based engines, offering compliance with ATSC A/85 (U.S. CALM act), EBU R128 and ITU-R BS.1770-2 specifications, and more.
  • Convert your captions: Zenium-based engines further expand our robust Closed Caption capabilities (which already includes advanced features like creating CEA-708 captions from 608-only sources) with expanded SMPTE Timed Text support per SMPTE RP2052 and CEA-708 Closed Caption parsing, pass-through and retiming for frame rate conversion (in addition to our existing similar CEA-608 capabilities).
  • Take control of your workflows: The included Zenium Workflow Designer lets you visually design exactly the workflows you need, from basic video and audio processing to complex, multi-stage workflows. You can combine core functions and workflow steps in your preferred order – unencumbered by typical pre-defined, linear structures – while the ability to ‘probe’ data and preview results at any point of the workflow eases testing and refinement.
  • Manage rich metadata: All of the data available in the input source (such as timecode, captions and metadata) is accessible and maintained throughout your workflow. Available data sources are visible during workflow design and testing, and any metadata or source properties – not just a limited selection of common types – can be used to configure tasks, trigger automated decision-making or be transformed for output.
  • Adapt continuously: Zenium’s ability to automatically adapt workflows isn’t limited to just one-time analysis – content and metadata are continuously analyzed on a frame-by-frame or sample-by-sample basis, enabling processing to automatically adjust to changing characteristics even within a single source file (such as mixed audio types, mixed AFD aspect ratio management codes and more).
  • Upgrade more easily: Zenium’s flexible, component-based architecture and dynamic, repository-based deployment model make it easy to upgrade without interrupting operations and to update individual features, functions and Zenium engines while leaving others unmodified (e.g., upgrading to a new HEVC or H.264 encoder version while keeping MPEG-2 as-is; or taking advantage of enhancements on select projects while leaving others untouched). This significantly streamlines upgrades and gives you far more control – ideal for scenarios such as when your clients ‘certify’ your outputs based on specific versions.
  • Deploy flexibly: Zenium’s deployment dynamics also include floating licenses, letting you purchase and provision Zenium-based engine and component (features such as codecs) licenses based on how many you need to run concurrently, without locking them to specific host systems. Licenses – even on a feature-by-feature basis – can be redeployed onto different systems across your enterprise automatically based on project demands, and can be managed across multiple distributed locations from a single centralized server. Adding new features or more engines is as simple as updating your central license package.
  • Process more precisely: Zenium-based engines overcome the video processing bit depth limitations found in typical transformation tools, providing a robust pipeline with 16-bit precision. In addition to providing superior processing fidelity, the 16-bit pipeline allows full handling of formats such as 12-bit JPEG2000 compression and upcoming support for film-based image formats such as DPX and OpenEXR.
  • Group processes into stages: One of the powerful efficiencies of Zenium is that various steps in a workflow graph may be processed simultaneously in parallel. For scenarios in which you want groups of these processes to be serialized (e.g., if you want an entire output file to have been generated before delivering it to external recipients and notifying them by email) you can combine multiple graphs into multi-stage workflows, in which each graph stage is completed in its entirety before moving on to the next. 
  • Mix-and-match best-of-breed technologies: Zenium’s flexible architecture and rapidly expanding ecosystem of third-party technology partners let you ‘mix and match’ components from ourselves and our partners to create the optimal workflows for your needs. From alternative codec implementations to partner offerings like automated inline Quality Control, the choices are in your hands.

Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice

SelenioFlex File – Format & Feature Reference
A choice of engine configurations for SelenioFlex File lets you choose the combination of formats and features best suited to your needs. Web Engines include most online and web formats, and meet the majority of processing needs. Studio Engines include professional formats for editing, archive, and broadcast.

All Zenium-based engines and bundles support the rich workflow capabilities of the Zenium platform (such as adaptive, automated decision-making) plus the latest advanced processing capabilities.

Zenium Engines

I = included, O = optional

Apple® ProRes1 I I
AVC (H.264; 8-bit/10-bit) I I
Avid® DNxHD (in QuickTime® MOV)1 I I
Avid DNxHD (in MXF) I I
Closed Caption / Timed Text file (SCC, SMPTE-TT) I I
JPEG2000 I I
MPEG-2 (up to 422 Profile and High Level; including variants such as XDCAM, XDCAM HD, XDCAM IMX, CableLabs® and D10)2 I I
QuickTime3 I I
Windows® Media Video (WMV) I I
AES (SMPTE 331M and 302M, AES3-2003) I I
Dolby® Digital (AC3) I I
Dolby Digital Plus (up to 5.1) I I
Dolby-E I I
MPEG Layer 2 I I
Windows Media Audio (WMA) I I
Adobe® Flash® (F4V) I I
AVI (Uncompressed 8-bit/10-bit, DirectShow) I I
MPEG-2 Program Stream I I
MPEG-2 Transport Stream I I
MPEG-4 (MP4) I I
QuickTime (MOV, media & reference files) I I
Windows Media/ASF I I
AVC (H.264; 8-bit; up to High Profile, Level 5.2; including 4K Ultra HD) I I
AVC (H.264 with x264 codec; 8-bit; up to High Profile, Level 5.2) I I
Windows Media Video (WMV) I I
Avid DNxHD2 O I
Image sequences I I
MPEG-2 (up to 422 Profile and High Level; including variants such as XDCAM, XDCAM HD, XDCAM IMX, CableLabs® and D10)2 and MPEG-1 O I
AVC-Intra (Panasonic®) O I
AAC (AAC-LC, AAC-HE, and AAC-HEv2; up to 5.1) I I
Dolby Digital (AC3) and Dolby Digital Plus (up to 7.1) I I
DTS-HD® (up to 7.1) I I
Windows Media Audio (WMA) I I
AES (SMPTE 331M and 302M, AES3-2003; up to 7.1) O I
MPEG Layer 2 O I
WAV/PCM (including Broadcast WAV, up to 7.1) O I
Adobe Flash (F4V) I I
HTTP Live Streaming (HLS, e.g. iOS devices) I I
Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming I I
MPEG-4 (MP4/M4V) I I
Windows Media/ASF I I
AVI (Uncompressed 8-bit/10-bit) O I
MPEG-2 Program Stream (featuring Manzanita Systems technology) O I
MPEG-2 Transport Stream (featuring Manzanita Systems technology) O I
MXF5 (including OP1a, XDCAM and AS02) O I
DPP (including AS11 support; also requires MXF output option, sold separately) O O
Dolby Loudness Correction with Dialog Intelligence I I
CEA-608 to CEA-708 Closed Caption translation (708 creation from 608-only sources) I I
CEA-608/CEA-708 Closed Caption retiming (for frame rate conversion) I I
CEA-608/CEA-708 Closed Caption pass-through I I
SCC Closed Caption file O I
SMPTE Timed Text (from source CEA-608 per SMPTE RP2052; including DFXP file creation) I I
SRT Subtitle file O I
SDI ancillary data (SMPTE 291M) creation O I
Microsoft PlayReady protection for Smooth Streaming content with support for third-party providers (including Irdeto and generic PlayReady interfaces) I I
HLS encryption with support for third-party providers (including Motorola SecureMedia® Encryptonite ONE HLSI) I I
LTC Timecode encoding O I
VITC Timecode encoding O I
Zenium Studio deinterlacer (including Inverse Telecine with advanced cadence detection; up to 16-bit processing) I I
Zenium Studio scaler (multiple methods including Lanczos; up to 16-bit processing) I I
Video mixer (including graphic, video, text and timecode overlay) I I

1. Supported via free third-party decoders from Apple or Avid.
2. Additional container modules (e.g. MXF) may be required for complete input/output of some listed targets.
3. Supports QuickTime system filters (not included).
4. Container (wrapper) support. Additional modules may be required for encoding or decoding the media essence within the container.
5. Powered by OpenCube technology.

SFX-FILE-MANAGER SelenioFlex File manager
SFX-FILE-XEN-WEB SelenioFlex File Zenium engine - web bundle
SFX-FILE-XEN-STUD SelenioFlex File Zenium engine - studio bundle
SFX-FILE-STM-UPG Stream transcode engine to SelenioFlex File web engine upgrade
SFX-FILE-XEN-DSGN Additional Zenium designer for SelenioFlex File 
SFX-FILE-BKP SelenioFlex File manager backup
SFX-FILE-STRM-ST Stream transcode engine studio
SFX-FILE-STRM-CO Stream transcode engine core
SFX-FILE-STRM-UPG Stream transcode engine core to studio upgrade
SFX-FILE-XEN-UPG Upgrade SelenioFlex File Zenium engine - web bundle to studio bundle
SFX-FILE-XEN-AS11 AS11 multiplexer option for SelenioFlex File Zenium engines
SFX-FILE-XEN-PSRK Venera PulsarK option for SelenioFlex File Zenium engines
SFX-FILE-XEN-DLC Digimetrics autofix loudness normalizer option for SelenioFlex File Zenium engines
SFX-FILE-XEN-SPMX Manzanita SPMux program stream multiplexer option for SelenioFlex File Zenium engines
SFX-FILE-XEN-CFF UltraViolet CFF multiplexer option for SelenioFlex File Zenium engines
SFX-FILE-XEN-MPG2 MPEG-2 video encoder option for SelenioFlex File Zenium engines
SFX-FILE-XEN-AVCI AVC intra video encoder option for SelenioFlex File Zenium engines
SFX-FILE-XEN-WAVE Wave audio encoder option for SelenioFlex File Zenium engines
SFX-FILE-XEN-AES AES audio encoder option for SelenioFlex File Zenium engines
SFX-FILE-XEN-MPGA MPEG audio encoder option for SelenioFlex File Zenium engines
SFX-FILE-XEN-MPTS MPEG-2 transport stream multiplexer option for SelenioFlex File Zenium engines
SFX-FILE-XEN-AVI AVI multiplexer option for SelenioFlex File Zenium engines
SFX-FILE-XEN-MXF MXF multiplexer option for SelenioFlex File Zenium engines
SFX-FILE-XEN-GXF GXF multiplexer option for SelenioFlex File Zenium engines
SFX-FILE-XEN-LTC LTC encoder option for SelenioFlex File Zenium engines
SFX-FILE-XEN-VITC VITC encoder option for SelenioFlex File Zenium engines
SFX-FILE-XEN-ANC SMPTE 291M ancillary data encoder option for SelenioFlex File Zenium engines
SFX-FILE-XEN-DNX DNxHD video encoder option for SelenioFlex File Zenium engines
SFX-FILE-XEN-DVC DVCPro video encoder option for SelenioFlex File Zenium engines
SFX-FILE-SA-WEB SelenioFlex File Zenium engine stand-alone - web bundle
SFX-FILE-SA-STUD SelenioFlex File Zenium engine stand-alone - studio bundle
SFX-FILE-TACHYON Cinnafilm Tachyon plugin for SelenioFlex File Zenium engines
SFX-FILE-HSRV SelenioFlex File manager host system
SFX-FILE-ESRV SelenioFlex File engine host system