Create, Administrate & Audit


Create content retrieval tasks in Management that can be executed from Ingest and your daily log becomes a fully playable playlist.


Central Control Management Module


Audio Overlay Manager


The Audio Overlay Manger displays a list of all audio files that are currently in the system and provides tools for adding, deleting, and editing these files. To set an audio overlay over a playlist element, users can simply “drag and drop” the desired overlay into the desired position.


Log Editor Manager


Log Editor is the main section of the Management Module and covers most of the system’s functionality. Once selected, it will display the buttons for all available sections including the Playlist Manager and Device Manager. The Log Editor can generate new playlists from scratch or import complete playlists from external traffic software systems. Regardless of whether playlists were created from scratch or imported, the Log Editor allows users to edit and/or complete them as necessary.

Multiple Channel Manager


The channel manager can add, edit, or delete channels within the system. A single Central Control database is able to handled several TV channels at once, while the data for each TV channel can be accessed separately. Any spot or program can be shared among two or more TV channels or be specifically assigned to only one of them.

Playlist Manager


The Management Module commands all editing functionality of the Bitcentral Modular Playout System, enabling users to prepare complex compositing layouts, set external device events, rearrange audiovisual elements, and even trim edit media while off the air. The Playlist section of the Management Module makes it possible to manually build a complete playlist that incorporates all the elements previously described, including versions, programs, overlays, stills, files, lives, templates, paddings, triggers, pauses, and effects.

Program Manager


This tab enables users to find or create programs and add them to the playlist. The programs that are currently in the database for the selected TV channel will be displayed here. Users can double-click on any program to expand it and view all of its available breakdowns. They can then double-click on any breakdown element to display all its component segments.

Spot Manager


The Spot Manager will display the metadata of available spots for the selected channel, whether the files are in the system or not. When a playlist is imported from a traffic system, any spots that are not already loaded into the database will automatically generate metadata that will designate them as “On Tape.” This default setting informs users that these media files are not yet present or linked. The Spot Manger can also create and edit spots manually.

User Manager


This section oversees the management capabilities of all Central Control users. Through the User Manager, supervisors can add, edit, and disable accounts, as well specify each user’s access privileges.  Choose from Playout, Capture, or Management user groups in order to give each user specific access privileges.

Video Overlay Manager


Video overlays are typically animated logos that play over various elements of the playlist. This manager toolset provides a searchable list of the available overlays to “drag and drop” to the playlist, enabling users to easily add, delete, and edit various playlist elements. Video overlays can be shared among all channels or selected for application to specific channels on the Channels List.

Validating Material Manager


The Validate Material tool is designed to verify the integrity and location of each media file and report any potential complications or problems. When the user selects a playlist and clicks “Validate,” the system will examine all files in that playlist and assess their integrity, length, resolution, and other properties to ensure that they will function correctly. Users can also select “All Versions” to validate the system as a whole.


Host Computer Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • 500 megs HD space
  • CPU I5 and up processor
  • Ethernet LAN connection to Ingest and Playout Servers
  • Monitor with resolution of 1900×1080




Managed by an enterprise class Master Control and Management Module system, Bitcentral’s Central Control readily adapts to the needs of any hub and spoke, localized media, or hybrid playout environment.


As stations continue to add localized channels and as networks/station groups continue to centralize Master Control functionality, your broadcast management consoles and applications must be able to keep up with the growing demand, both locally and remotely. Realizing that your Master Control hardware and software must evolve to meet the needs of a rapidly changing market, Bitcentral engineers designed Central Control from the ground up to support a range of highly scalable functions. At Bitcentral, we know that flexibility is a key component to your success. However, flexible functionality amounts to little if it isn’t supported by technology that you can count on. Bitcentral stresses reliably, baking intelligent N+1 redundant failover directly into the operational framework of the Central Control system.