STORY is designed for news, entertainment and sports producers tasked with creating social elements for live or ‘as live’ on-air events. STORY’s easy-to-use user interface allows content producers to intuitively gather and manage social content, moderate and insert the filtered content into linear TV or digital.

STORY is called “Story” after its main data unit: a Story. Stories are combinations of social feeds, online sources and visual formats that together drive integration of social data with broadcast productions.
A Story can consist of a variety of content such as social comments from particular hashtags, posts to a show’s Facebook page, smartly aggregated polls and individual images or video clips. This content can then be easily published to live broadcast output or digital destinations.

STORY’s workflow consists of 4 steps: Gather, Build, Publish and Analyse. These are explained further in the coming pages.


Key Features

  • Easy-to-use social listening tools
  • Manage social content from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (including GNIP/Firehose), SMS, Email, WeChat, etc
  • Integrate with other 3rd party feeds
  • Powerful analytics measuring engagement volume, conte types and key influencers with exportable reports
  • social competitions with random winner generation
  • Full control to manage your team’s access rights and permissions
  • Moderate your content and publish to multiple display sources
  • Filtering and blacklisting across the platform
  • Rich media delivery across broadcast, digital and DOOH - output as feeds or finished media ready to traffic
  • Recognised Facebook Media Solutions/Broadcast Solutions Partner