Infinite Up-Link


Octoshape throughput optimization technology provides a stable, high-quality stream for signal acquisition

Octoshape Infinite Uplink is a revolutionary new technology changing the way video contribution is achieved globally. Infinite Uplink replaces the need for expensive satellite or video fiber allowing broadcast signals to be distributed globally over the Internet.

The Infinite Uplink technology has several unique features facilitating the most flexible contribution system on the market today:

  •  Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, Point to Consumer
  •  Multi bit rate support so each playout device can get the highest quality contribution feed based the respective Internet conditions
  •  Throughput optimization technology that cleans up Internet connections enabling global reach
  •  Works with standard encoders and playout devices


Infinite Uplink is designed to optimize the Internet connectivity. This is especially relevant for venue based production. Usually the day before the event Internet connectivity checks out fine during testing. The day of the event however, the Internet capacity gets unreliable. Infinite Uplink can blast through that congestion making the Internet reliable for delivering a high quality video feed.

As pictured above, Octoshape’s Infinite Uplink reduces source signal acquisition complexity and provides an alternative to traditional (and costly) signal acquisition to enables previously unattainable scale, quality, and economics.

Octoshape’s Infinite Uplink takes geography out of the equation. Encoders can be placed in Singapore delivering 6 Mbps contribution feeds, and multiple playout boxes can be deployed around the world to receive that signal in high quality.

The Octoshape transport technology also has very advanced and flexible transport protocol options. As an example, a facility housing fifty playout devices all tuned to the same contribution feed only require one stream into the facility from the Internet rather than fifty (or one per device). Infinite Uplink technology intelligently distributes the signal among the playout devices inside the facility with unmatched efficiency