Infinite HD-M


Infinite HD-M brings the Quality, Scale, and Economics of traditional broadcast TV and applies it to the Internet. It combines the best of Infinite HD

with the scale and economics of Multicast. Our technology leverages and aggregates industry standard hardware already deployed in the last mile to

create the most efficient IP-based linear content distribution platform in the world, all over the public Internet.


Private Multicast HD-M

Utilizing the Infinite HD-M technology, Octoshape creates a federated global distribution network, both ingesting linear signals from anywhere in the

world, and distributing content efficiently into existing global last mile IP infrastructures. The technology is a revolutionary step forward in

transforming best-effort public IP networks (Internet, fixed wireless or mobile) into TV-grade IP infrastructures that can deliver the highest quality

video content globally, without the limitations and variable usage-based prices of traditional CDN approaches.

With Infinite HD-M, Octoshape introduces an industry first flat fee distribution pricing model, bringing the scale, quality and economics of traditional

broadcast delivery to over-the-top delivered linear content.


All the benefits of Octoshape

  • Highest Sustained TV Quality Experiences

  • Instant Channel Change / DVR

  • Global Reach

  • Multibitrate Technology

All the power of Multicast

  • Enabling Flat Fee Pricing

  • Unprecedented Scale

  • Leveraging Existing Last Mile Infrastructure

  • CapEx Reduction

  •  OpEx Reduction

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